Friday, March 28, 2014

Leaving Home - on a personal note

I start personal pieces often after I finished a book, or sometimes while working on a project, simply to catch a breath, play with an idea, or to break a point where I might feel stuck. LEAVING HOME is such a piece. I had started it literally years ago and completely forgotten about it. It was hidden under a stack of sketches in my studio. Last week, I went to see the Mary Blair exhibition at the Disney Family Museum in San Francisco and was able to spend the day with a wonderful friend talking about art and life. Mary Blair is truly a great talent, and I admire her even more for being such a female force of her time. The point is, I came home so inspired, was restless, and stumbled over this unfinished piece of mine. Still inspired by my visit to the Museum, I finally finished it. I find it interesting to see how different this piece turned out just because of all the years that had passed.